Sunday, 28 July 2013

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Ray -5 for 9

John Walsh -8 for the 1st round with 6 dykes from inside 3 ft

Liam Donovan Bruff also shoots -9 for the first 18

John Sullivan St Annes -8 for the first round

Tommy Hanley Bruff posts an excellent -9 for the first round and sets the mark

John Walsh -3 for 8

Darren Collins gets a great putt for 3 on the 6th

John Sullivan St Annes also -6 for 11

Tommy hannon gets a hole in 1 on the 10th to move to -6

Scoring today will be exceptional - the conditions are perfect - expect records to tumble

John Sullivan St Annes and Tommy Hannon Bruff Lead the way when both -3 for the first 3

Damp Conditions meet the players

Threatening rain rather than the torrential showers of yesterday !

Senior Championship Underway

Exactly on time the Senior Championship starts

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Stats for todays live blog show 4400 plus page views ! Well done all involved!

Brendan Lawlor Channonrock is the Champion

Marlow misses low

Marlow needs 3 of the last 4 to have a playoff

Marlow great pitch on 14 to 8ft

Marlow the only one who can catch him and is -9 with 5 to play

Lawlor finishes -12

Brendan Lawlor with this putt to win

Lawlor sinks a great putt

Brendan Lawlor moves to -11

10 under for a flawless round

Frank O Brien misses another putt on 9

Pat martin on the last finishes -8

Pat Martin Tipp hills is -10 this round and now -8

Lawlor gets 12 also flying now -10

Lawlor 8 for 11 and moves into a 2 shot lead

Another 4 for o brien moves him to -7

Lawlor striking the ball brilliant coukd be 10 for 10

Very tight at the top leader board is

Frank o brien -7
Lawlir -7
Mcmarlow -6
Chris McCarthy -6
Sean o sulkivan -6

Frank O Brien moves to -7

All action as brendan lawlor moves to -7 and the lead

Intermediate not and Brendan Lawlor dykes the first 5 to move to -6

Conor putts with 2 to win and gets it to seal victory

Patrick Chipps in for 2

Conor with a putt for the championship from there

Patrick pitched short of the green Conor on the green

Conor 2 ahead playing the 18th

Patrick from 10 ft let's his slide by !!

17th hole Conor putts and Misses!!! Just

The 17th green

Robinson pitches to 10 ft Conor to front of green

Playing 17 it's -12 Conor -10 Patrick Robinson

Partick Robinson now moves to -10 Conor is -12

Its getting close

Patrick Robinson Moves to -9 to put it up to Conor McCarthy

Conor goes to -12

Looking good 

Patrick Robinson goes to -7

Junior current scores after -11

Conor -11
Patrick Robinson -5
Paddy Murray -5
Mark Kelly -4
Tony O Driscoll -2 
Nicky L

Paddy Murray Lakeside moves to -6

Conor texas wedge to save 3 territory

Conor off first green on the 4th

Conor -11
Tony -5
Patrick Robinson -5

Conor just misses for 3 in a row

Conor Mc Carthy 2 under after 2 -10 in total

Conor sinks great putt on the 1st

Live Scoreboard generating huge interest

Chris Donovan -1 through 6

Juniors anthony gibney -4 for this round

Back from a poor +6

Kenneth Kerrins moves to -2

Chris Mc Carthy moves into contention at -3

Great 3 on 17 as well

Damien Long Riverdale and michael Morissy tipp hills disq

Both pkayers going well skipped the 14th hole and played 15 and 16 so disq

Chris McCarthy pitches 16 (pic)

Juniors Final Round Underway

Inter Frank O Brien -6 for 16

Almost as good as the Juniors

Frank O Brien -4 after 12

Patrick Robinson -4 after 16

Tony o driscoll -4 after 8

Lipped out for a putt on 9

We might have a battle yet

Nicky Byrne putts on 18 for -6

Conor McCarthy turns -8

Putting has let him down slightly in what has been a brilliant putting display

Conor proves hes human

Conor 3 putts 17 go go vack to 7

Conor McCarthy now 1/10 with the bookies

Nicky byrne

-3 after 14

Now -8

Conor looking good on 16 also

Conor Mc Carthy now -7 through 15

Would be a fine score for the seniors

Intermediates just about to start

Junior : Tony O Driscoll starts with a 2 on the 1st

Nice day now (pic attached)

Junior : Paddy Slattery -3 after 16

Steady as she goes

Junior : Nicky Byrne Collins great start -2 after 6

Was -3 for 5 but took a 4 on the 6th hole

Junior : Favorite Conor Mc Carthy now -3 after 6

Junior : Chris O Donovan Collins starts with a 6 on the first

Junior : Conor Mc Carthy dykes the first 2 holes

2 under after 2

A Playoff will be played in Both grades

The Juniors will play 18 holes
Then The intermediates will play 18 holes
Then the Juniors will play their final round in reverse order
The Same with the intermediates

Almost Ready for a Restart

The sun is peeking through the crowds are gathered and we await the restart of the Junior Championship.

Junior Start Time 12.00 - Expected Intermediate Start time 3.00

Due to the weather delay these are now the expected start times
(please do not view these as official times - just as anticipated times)

Weather looking better for a 12.00 start

Following a torrential shower play has been suspended until 12.00.

Intermediate and Junior Reduced to 36 Hole Competition

36 Holes Only

Play Suspended until 12.00

Because of the Rain

Picture of the flooded 18th green

Pic attached

Heavy Showers delay the play

With the first players having played 3 holes a heavy shower has hit the course. Play has been suspended for a while. Some of the greens are flooded.

And we are off

The junior strokeplay has just started. With showers threatening and sunshine peaking through it should be a brilliant day.

Friday, 26 July 2013

The power of the Internet - demonstrated !

This Blog went Live today at 6.30pm - Live on the PPUI website at 9.35pm
10 Minutes later we have had 55 page views !
Thanks to all involved.

The Countdown is on

8.30 am tomorrow morning will see the first players take part in National Gents Junior Final from  the magnificent Rocklodge course.

Welcome to the Live Blog

We are delighted that we are now live and featuring on the official website

Live Scoring ready to go

We are about to go public.
Waiting for publication on Twitter Facebook and The PPUI Website.

The 18th in beautiful Rocklodge