Sunday, 28 July 2013

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Ray -5 for 9

John Walsh -8 for the 1st round with 6 dykes from inside 3 ft

Liam Donovan Bruff also shoots -9 for the first 18

John Sullivan St Annes -8 for the first round

Tommy Hanley Bruff posts an excellent -9 for the first round and sets the mark

John Walsh -3 for 8

Darren Collins gets a great putt for 3 on the 6th

John Sullivan St Annes also -6 for 11

Tommy hannon gets a hole in 1 on the 10th to move to -6

Scoring today will be exceptional - the conditions are perfect - expect records to tumble

John Sullivan St Annes and Tommy Hannon Bruff Lead the way when both -3 for the first 3

Damp Conditions meet the players

Threatening rain rather than the torrential showers of yesterday !

Senior Championship Underway

Exactly on time the Senior Championship starts